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CrossFit Sunalta

Crossfit Sunalta

At Crossfit Sunalta, we believe that Crossfit has the unique ability to transform people. We view each person as an athlete and want to help each person realize their full potential. Our facility offers direction, structure, and progression, as well as a warm and welcoming community. What does this mean? You have a coach that knows you, what you’ve done, and how to help you further your goals. In addition to your coach you have other like minded individuals who are here for the same reasons you are.

We take pride in doing common things uncommonly well. We emphasize quality and consistency of movement above heavy weights or high repetitions. Our goal is to help you make consistent progress over time to reach your goals. It really is amazing what happens when people show up consistently, give their best effort, and reap the rewards. Although it is cliche it does become a lifestyle, you can’t help but lean on the natural support structure of the coaches and community. It’s like having a guide down the river of fitness with group of friends to help you paddle.