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Learn the Fundamentals with Foundations!

Foundations is a 4 week introduction to CrossFit. You don’t need any prior experience or certain level of fitness, just a willingness to learn and improve. Each class is 1 hour long and shares the same basic structure. We start with a general warm up, we learn a new movement, then we practice our movement in a workout suited for all levels.

Through the first 2 weeks we will learn and practice movements that you will see regularly in our program. We will start with basic building blocks and continue using those blocks to build more complex movements over time. The 3rd and 4th weeks will be spent integrating into the normal flow of classes. Though your class will still be mainly beginners you will have the opportunity to mix with and meet our current members.

Foundations Registration

The cost is $189+tax


Start Date: Tuesday, March 26th
End Date: Friday, April 19th

Week 1&2 --> Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 7-8pm 
Week 3&4 --> Monday, Wednesday from 7-8pm, Friday from 6-7pm  

Contact:, call 403-803-4889, or SIGN-UP Online