Get Started

Steps to get Started



Schedule an intro session with one of our coaches. We will run you through a short and simple Crossfit style workout, answer any questions, and you can check out our facility.



Before joining regular CrossFit classes all beginners must complete our Foundations Program. We want to make sure each person understands the basic movements, class structure and gym etiquette.



Once you have completed the Foundations Program you are ready to join our regular CrossFit classes. Pick a membership that suits your needs and we will continue to develop your ability as an athlete.

What the Trial gets you

Fill out the Getting Started form and we’ll contact you to set up for an Free Intro.

The Intro will take about 45 minutes. During this time we will learn about you and your goals, you will learn about CrossFit and our box and we will also run you through a workout.  Lastly, we will go over the next steps to take to join our community - the Foundations. 

Getting Started


All new comers to CrossFit must go through a Foundations program.  This ensures that everyone attending a regular Crossfit class has the necessary skills and knowledge to participate. We do review technique often in regular classes, however,everyone needs to  know the basics so that you can participate safely and progress each class.   Below are the two options of how you can go through Foundations:

1. Group Foundations

Foundations is a 4 week introduction to CrossFit. You don’t need any prior experience or certain level of fitness, just a willingness to learn and improve. Each class is 1 hour long and shares the same basic structure. We start with a general warm up, we learn a new movement, then we practice our movement in a workout suited for all levels.

Through the first 2 weeks we will learn and practice movements that you will see regularly in our program. We will start with basic building blocks and continue using those blocks to build more complex movements over time. The 3rd and 4th weeks will be spent integrating into the normal flow of classes. Though your class will still be mainly beginners you will have the opportunity to mix with and meet our current members.

The cost is $189+tax


Start Date: Tuesday, April 23rd
End Date: Friday, May 17th 

Week 1 & 2 → Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 7 - 8pm 

Week 3 & 4 → Monday, Wednesday from 7 - 8pm and Friday 6 - 7pm 

Contact:, call 403-536-4026, or SIGN-UP online

2. One-on-One Foundations

One-on-One foundations consists of 5 private sessions completed on a schedule that works for you.  This is the option for people who would like more personal attention or are unable to make the group foundations schedule. Over the course of 5 sessions you will learn the basics of weight lifting and gymnastics movements required for you to be able to join regular classes. The one-on-one will go through the same skills as the group foundations but will be tailored to each individual. 

After the 5 sessions are complete you will get 1 week of Unlimited Classes to allow you to integrate into our community.  

The cost is $399+tax

Contact:, call 403-536-4026, or SIGN-UP online