Personal Training

One on One Training

We offer one-on-one training for anyone that wants individualized attention to improve a skill or simply prefers to workout privately with a coach.  


Certain movements require a little more time than others to become proficient, we can help speed that process up. If you are close to getting a skill, want to clean up your movement or feel stuck and can’t seem to make progress then this is a great option for you. We offer both 45 and 30 minute skill sessions with any one of our coaches to suit your needs.  You can purchase 1 session at a time or a package of 5 skill sessions. 


Personal Training

45 min Single Session

One-on-one training – $70/session

30 min Single Session

One-on-one training – $50/session



Personal training Memberships

1-3x a week Starting at $180/mo

Hybrid Memberships

Group Classes and Personal Training Starting at $215/mo


*Contact us for a full Price List. 

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