Monday Jul 22, 2019
  • Classes
    • 5pm

Front Squat Monday


E2MOM for 20 Minutes

3 Front Squats @ 85%

Accessory Work

Split, Walk, Hold

4x8 Each Leg Bulgarian Split Squat

6x40 ft Lateral Monster Walk

4x30 sec Banded Plank

Coaches Notes

Hey CFS strong fam, 

We got a TON of great events coming up.  Be sure to check out our EVENTS page to stay in the loop.  First up is a Social Charades night.  This is a free event for all members and anyone else they choose to bring.  We will provide beer and some non-alcoholic beverages.  The "Gilligan" WOD is back mid August.  This 3 hour tour around the island is the perfect way to shake up your training and test your cardiovascular capacity.  Lastly, at the end of August, we are running a Pride Charity WOD.  This event is open to everyone.  Thanks to one of our members, Gio Dolcecore for taking the lead and helping us organize it.  

You can sign-up for any of these events at the front desk or click HERE to learn more. 

– JP Levesque