Wednesday Jan 10, 2018
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Heavy Dayz


Find your max in the following complex:

2 Deadlifts

2 Hang Squat Cleans

2 Jerks

Accessory Work

Building up the Back

5x10 Banded good mornings (Band + barbell)

5x10 Hamstring Bridge

Coaches Notes

Hey CFS Fam, 

Yoga with Kait kicks off tomorrow at 8pm.  This is a slower pace yoga that is designed for Crossfitters, which uses yoga props to support the body and allow you to hold poses for longer periods of time, leading to a more passive stretch.  There will be props such as bolsters, straps, chairs, and blocks to help you relax, increase your overall range of motion, and improve back health.  As an avid Crossfitter and an integral part of the Crossfit Sunalta family, Kait structures her classes around the weekly programming to speed up recovery and optimize mobility for next days WOD.  There are 3 spots remaining.  Follow the LINK to sign-up for this 3 week work shop or email if you are interested in dropping in for a class.  

– JP Levesque