Saturday Jul 04, 2015
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Accessory Work

In Teams of 2:

300 Cow-patty tosses 20/14

200 Cow-bell swings 53/35

100 Git'r Ov'rheads 135/95

800m Round Up

-- only 1 person working at a time, both partners 'round up' together

Coaches Notes

Hey Team,

It's Stampede time and you know what that means? Bring out those daisy dukes, plaid shirts & cowboy hats and throwdown redneck style!

We are hosting a fundraiser/Stampede WOD Saturday. The $20 recommended donation will go directly to PACE Kids, an early childhood development school for kids with special needs. Our son Anders recently graduated from this program and it does amazing things for kids.

So, get dressed up and come join us for a fun filled cowboy throwdown. There will be an ice-cold Bud waiting for you on the other side.

– JP Levesque