Monday Jun 10, 2019
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Surprise WOD!


Because Mondays are boring and we wanted to spice it up

Come in and test your fitness against the unknown and unknowable! 

*Except the accessories (those are knowable). 


Accessory Work

That was let's mobilize!

2 min/side Iron Cross hold

2 min/side Banded lat stretch 

Coaches Notes

Hey CFS fam, 

We have a fun WOD planned for you tomorrow.  Be sure to come in and check it out.  On another note, we are hosting the "21 Girls Team Relay" event on Saturday, June 22nd and in preparation of the event we will be clearing out the lost and found on Friday, June 21st.  Please make sure you take a peak and see if you have left anything behind after one of your workouts.  

– JP Levesque