21 Day Macros+Mindset Challenge

Hey CFS Fam, 

We are 5 weeks into social distancing, and we don’t have a clear end date yet. We are still adapting with each passing day to our new lifestyle. Some days are great and feel “normal” and some days are a low energy struggle. It’s time we do something about this see-saw of highs and lows. 

We have put together a 21-day program for you that addresses two challenges you are facing right now. The first is your nutrition, we are all much more sedentary than we were 5 weeks ago. Not only that, but let’s face it, food is really comforting. With our reduced activity and increased stress it becomes harder to maintain a balanced diet. 

We’re going to address nutrition by giving each person personalized macros. If you have never done it before now is the perfect time to dial in your nutrition. Spending so much time at home means you can prepare healthy meals more often and you’re less likely to go out and eat. You will learn how to best fuel your body for your goals. We’re also including an option to do simplified macros if you have never weighed or measured your food before. 

The second part of the challenge is your mindset. Over the next 3 weeks you will build some positive habits, slow down, reflect, breathe, and pull yourself out of the daily chaos and stress. 

Both sides of the program have one “challenge” task per day. The challenge is meant to be cumulative so you CAN start full macros on day one, or you can build into it with daily habits. The same is true for the mindset aspect of the challenge. We will be delivering these daily habits via TrueCoach each day. 

We will also have a private facebook group where everyone can share, discuss, and ask questions about nutrition. We will be updating that group with videos that expand on some of the daily challenges too. 

The Challenge Starts on Monday, April 20th. Click HERE to register or email us with any questions at


JP and Jane

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