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How it all started:

I tried my first CrossFit class back in 2007 and I was hooked. Every day I came in I would do a fun, sweaty, challenging, and rewarding workout. CrossFit gave me several things I didn’t even realize I was looking for. The first was camaraderie, a feeling of belonging. The second was variety, everything was new and exciting (It still is all these years later). The third was a great experience and something to look forward to. I knew that I had found something special and that I wanted to be more involved in it. Fast forward to 2009 I started coaching CrossFit. I had the good fortune to work from some of the best and brightest CrossFit HQ Staff who always inspired me to learn more and be better. Along the way I met my wife Jane through Crossfit. She has always been a fantastic athlete and her passion for CrossFit is just as strong as mine. We became affiliate owners in 2017 and now operate CrossFit Sunalta in Calgary, AB.

We wanted to do it well:

Running a CrossFit gym looks very different from owner to owner but the vision was always very clear for us – whatever you do, do it well. Our focus is simple – we teach busy professionals how to become exceptional athletes in a friendly environment. As a gym, we focus on coaching. We believe that athletes should be coached through work outs on a regular basis to get the results they want. This ensures that our members can make consistent progress over the short and long term.

For us, coaching means teaching people how to move well, how to eat right and how to take care of their overall health. We also wanted to build a space that was warm and welcoming, because we know CrossFit can seem overly competitive and intimidating. Our focus is to provide everyone with a consistent and exceptional experience each class. This includes a great workout led by an expert coach, a group of like minded individuals to share it with and the results you get from challenging yourself.

Where we are now:

We are thrilled to see the community thriving. We love to see our members continue to improve their health and fitness in a way that is balanced and sustainable. We offer personal training for those who want to learn a skill, make faster progress, or just prefer the one-on-one setting. Our nutrition program has also been a big hit – no quick fix or crash diets. We teach habits, consistency, and help people make the right decisions for their goals. We offer online coaching for those who are unable to make it to the gym due to busy schedules, travel, or social distancing.

We also have a naturopath doctor in the house (Dr.Jane). Oftentimes when you fail to see results with proper diet and exercise regiment, there is an underlying health issue. Our goal is to help people find the root of their problems and take charge of their health and fitness.

Our modern day lives are now more hectic and stressful than ever. It is becoming more important to unplug, destress, and spend some time taking care of your body. That “unplug” feature is part of what makes CrossFit so great. We get to take an hour to get reacquainted with our bodies, interact with our environment, and do it with friendly, like minded people

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JP & Jane Levesque | OWNER

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