Cut the Nutritional Noise

The world of fitness and nutrition is filled with noise. What does someone do when they have a goal such as losing weight or gaining …

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The Satiety Index – How To Stay Satisfied On A Caloric Deficit

Not all food is created equal, when someone starts a diet we tell them “eat more of the good stuff”. By “good stuff” we mean …

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The minimum requirements to be fit

There is so much noise out there in the world of fitness it can be really hard to filter out what is actually important. This …

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The Right Mindset For The Right Day

Some days everything lines up and you feel like the Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman, and some days you convince yourself to work out through …

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21 Day Macros+Mindset Challenge

Hey CFS Fam,  We are 5 weeks into social distancing, and we don’t have a clear end date yet. We are still adapting with each …

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