Cut the Nutritional Noise

The world of fitness and nutrition is filled with noise. What does someone do when they have a goal such as losing weight or gaining muscle? Most of seek out an expert who we believe, like, and trust. I have come across many such experts and I wanted to highlight a particular individual who is worth listening to. I think of her as the voice of reason in modern (internet) nutrition, her name is EC Synkowski.

EC is a CrossFit OG, she has worked for Crossfit HQ, started her own nutrition company and has even given a TED talk. Oh, she’s also wicked smart with degrees in biochemical engineering, environmental sciences and in Nutrition & Functional Medicine. What does she do with all that information? She creates fantastic informative nutrition content and programs such as the 800g challenge. We have run this challenge at CFS multiple times with great results. She continues to create more high quality content and offer it through but what I REALLY enjoy are her instagram posts.

My recommendation is that you follow her @optimizemenutriton on instagram. (

I LOVE her posts. They are not only in alignment with my philosophy on nutrition but she walks such a tight rope of being informative and truthful without slinging mud. It was a challenge to limit the number of posts I would share from her account but my favorite ones are by far the ‘Be OK with both truths’ posts. (Edit since writing this she has posted even more great content on instagram)

Follow EC and you won’t be sorry. Spend a little less time looking at cute cats and donuts and get informed about nutrition. I’m sharing this with all of you because I think it is worth your time and attention which are both things in short supply. The information is truthful, timeless and relevant to what most of us want, better health and fitness.

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