Monday May 14, 2018
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Olympic Lifting Total

Find your 1RM Snatch then 1RM Clean and Jerk 

Coaches Notes

Hey CFS fam, 

The "21 Girls Team Relay" is officially SOLD OUT.  We are thrilled with the response we had from the entire Crossfit Community in Calgary and it is great to have 3 teams from our #fitfam represent Crossfit Sunalta.   Please click HERE to see the order of the workouts.   In this document, you will also find  the suggested groupings of the "CrossFit Girls" for each team member.  The groupings are designed to split the work load as evenly as possible between team members.  It is only a suggestion and your team may choose to split up the work as you see fit.  

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing 

We are looking forward to the event!

– JP Levesque