Strict “JT”

RX Version 21-15-9 For Quality:Strict Handstand Push-UpStrict Ring DipPush-Up Scaled Version 21-15-9 For Quality:Bear Handstand Push-Up OR Z PressToe Spot Ring Dip OR Bench DipPush-Up …

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Front Squat 1 RM

All Versions Part #1: Front Squat20 min to find your 1 RM Part #2: Strict Press15 min to find your 1 RM Accessories 2x:Bulgarian Split …

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AMRAP Benchmark

RX Version 12 min AMRAP:12 T2B6 Power Clean (135/95)12 Push-Up Scaled Version 12 min AMRAP:12 Hanging Knee Raise6 Power Clean8 Push Up (knee/box) Accessories Tabata:6-8 …

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Chipper Benchmark

RX Version 3 Rounds For Time:50 Double Under40 Wall Ball (20/14)30 Box Jump Over (24/20)20 Burpee Scaled Version 3 Rounds For Time:50 Single Under30 Wall …

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2 Rounder For Time

RX Version 2 Rounds For Time:50/45 Cal Row/Bike40 Burpee30 Alternating Goblet Reverse Lunge (53/35) Scaled Version 2 Rounds For Time:35/30 Cal Row/Bike30 No Push Up …

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For Time

RX Version For Time:18-15-12-9-6-3Power Snatch (75/55)T2B Scaled Version For Time:18-15-12-9-6-3 Power Snatch (55/35)Hanging Knee Raise OR Straight Leg Sit Up Accessories 3 Rounds For Quality:50′ Single …

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Grunt Work

RX Version For Time:400 meter Double KB Front Rack Carry (moderate)800 meter Run400 meter KB Farmers Carry (moderate)800 meter Run Scaled Version For Time:400 meter …

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Strength Day

RX Version E2MOM For 10 min:8 Barbell Bent Over RowThen:E2MOM For 10 min:14 Single Arm DB Press (7 Per Side) Scaled Version Adjust loading and …

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RX Version EMOM For 20 min:Min 1: Row 20/17 CalMin 2: Rest Scaled Version EMOM For 20 min:Min 1: Row 15/13 CalMin 2: Rest Accessories …

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RX Version For Time:10 Handstand Push Up15 Deadlift (250/175)25 Box Jump (30)50 Pull Up100 Wall Ball (20/14 – 10’/9′)200 Double UnderRun 400 meters with a …

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